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March 26 2017

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Happy birthday staggy

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please support this interracial french gay couple and their 20 kids

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March 23 2017

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Please spread this. My best friend has been missing for for days without her phone, sleeping bag, or any personal belongings. She is a traveler and all of her things were left behind and we have no idea where she went.

Please help. Please please please bring my best friend home, its been cold and rainy the last few nights and im worried sick.

Please please PLEASE reblog this and bring her home please

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Our family’s been through a lot these past few months, but now that our beautiful baby girl is here, I know Rick will stand up and make our marriage beautiful again. :-) I just know our daughter will grow up to be a strong fighter in the Skeleton War, just like her father.

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I’m laughing so hard cause this is deadass what bees do 😂

Save them

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March 21 2017

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